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Wireless Performance Management Software, CROME PM System


CROME Wireless Performance Management System

CROME, Multi-vendor Wireless/Wireline Performance Management Reporting System


QuantumSI is the provider of CROME, Cell Reporting Object Management Environment, a best in class turn-key wireless performance management software systems that allow operators to discover, trend and optimize wireless traffic characteristics in their network infrastructure. CROME is used to analyze radio statistics, cell statistics, site statistics, etc., in a wireless network, and due to CROME's generic design CROME easily handles all wireless and wireline network elements from any device in CDMA, GSM and iDEN systems.

The CROME software suite is a high speed best in its class decision support system that allows both landline and wireless service providers to quickly analyze capacity, trends and faults for any network. This allows wireless providers to proactively tune, adjust, reassign, or increase capacity to meet exacting quality of service levels at the lowest possible equipment expenditure rate. [ PDF ]

General Capabilities

The CROME software suite provides data mining and statistical performance reporting, traffic characteristics, across any network element, NE, at any topology level, i.e. radio statistics, cell statistics to aggregated multi-switch groupings. CROME provides "live active" reports in real-time for network optimization, problem resolution, and long term trend-analysis in a full ad-hoc fashion right from the end-users desktop PC, using a client server architecture consisting of a distributed high speed server infrastructure and Java based reporting clients. QuantumSI's overall system design is able to generate full ad-hoc reports in under one second under extreme user loading.

Advanced Analysis

The use of CROME's integrated GIS features and multidimensional reporting along with built in high speed Erlang-B and Erlang-C traffic functions are key features to CROME system, allowing dynamic "what if" analysis for against any statistics from any network element to proactively find and optimize network resources and capital expenditures. Unlike all of Quantum's major competitors every CROME report is a true ad-hod report which hold live data for interactive manipulation within the client interface. Although QuantumSI's CROME can easily generate canned reports to static web pages, due to raw speed of the CROME client interface, ad-hoc reports complete in one to five seconds, CROME's static web reporting gateway feature is almost completely unnecessary.

Stable Proven Technology

The CROME system is a proven solution that has been in operation for over twelve years in full production settings, ideal for Network Optimization including: network performance, frequency and capacity planning, handoff parameter and system performance analysis, capacity / handoff / drop / block performance review (daily, period, or bouncing busy hour), and drive testing on single or multiple radios, sectors, sites, BSCs, and switches including multi-national switch infrastructures.

Feel free to goto the CROME Demonstration Server Area to learn about and interactively evaluate the capabilities of the end-user CROME client.


Currently available for current vendor technologies (shipping two weeks ARO), for new/custom vendor technologies (shipping eight weeks ARO), in cost effective pre-configured systems for turn key deployments for both high end and low end situations:

LARGE configuration, can be scaled via multiple parallel servers

Large Server: Server: Sun Server X4-2L running Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, or OmniOS
(20,000 sectors) RDBMS: Informix OWS/ODS 11.X/12.X, Oracle Database 9.X/10.X
  Storage: Hardware RAID or ZFS Storage: SAS/SATA from 8TB to 48TB

SMALL configuration, can be scaled via multiple parallel servers

Small Server: Server: Sun Server X4-2L running Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, or OmniOS
(5,000 sectors) RDBMS: Informix OWS/ODS 11.X/12.X, Oracle Database 9.X/10.X
  Storage: Hardware RAID or ZFS Storage: SAS/SATA 4TB to 48TB

For further information or a live demonstration of our CROME product suite, please contact the the Wireless Products Division at Quantum Systems Integrators,Inc. at (714) 428-1133.

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The bottom line is that QuantumSI can provide a complete NMS / OSS system to both small regional operators and large multi-national wireless providers with existing proven software and provide full ad-hoc reports in just a few seconds.


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