QuantumSI provides consulting and turnkey hardware/software solutions for numerous industries, including telecommunication, petrochemical, aviation, and automotive. Quantum solutions have been deployed in dozens of countries around the world.

Transitioners of Technology

QuantumSI is a Systems Integrator and Software Developer for mission critical applications.

No matter how complex the problem, QuantumSI delivers a solution that harnesses the technology making it understandable, approachable, and accessible. QuantumSI surrounds complex technology with an intuitive user interface that places computing power comfortably in the hands of a technologically naive user, and yet still satisfies the performance and flexibility needs of a demanding software engineer.

QuantumSI on Big Data to Human Insight -or- The number 7 +/- 2
QuantumSI on opportunities in the current financial crisis.
Nortel/CDMA CROME performance management system at Revol.
Intelfon El Salvador applauds CROME performance management system.
Nortel/CDMA CROME performance management system at MobiPCS.

Wireless and Wireline: Performance Management (PM) Reporting

The CROME software suite is a high speed best in its class decision support system that allows both landline and wireless service providers to quickly analyze capacity, trends and faults for any network. This allows wireless providers to proactively tune, adjust, reassign, or increase capacity to meet exacting quality of service levels at the lowest possible equipment expenditure rate. [ more ... ] [ PDF ]

Wireless and Wireline: Data Mediation and Distribution

The Multicast Buffer, MCB, is a mediation, archiving and data distribution system which is composed of small lightweight ultra-reliable components that reliable buffer any and distribute dozens of data sources to multiple (1 to 2048) consumers or processes. A data source can be a TCP/IP connection, a managed UNIX process, or a serial port. [ more ... ] [ PDF ]

Wireless and Wireline: Billing Systems / Call Detail Records

The CDR Collection Manager, CCM, is an ultra-reliable turnkey system to collect, manage and distribute billing data i.e. Call Detail Records (CDRs) from telecommunication switches including Nortel, Motorola, Ericsson, and Lucent equipment. The CDR collection manager is a highly robust distributed system capable of supporting both centralized and decentralized data centers. [ more ... ] [ PDF ]


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Select an Area:

General Capabilities:

  • Mission Critical C/C++ Systems Development
  • Java Development J2ME/J2SE/J2EE/TOMCAT
  • Multi-Platform GUI Design
  • Oracle/Sun Microsystems Enterprise Reseller
  • IBM System X and Informix RDBMS Reseller
  • Supermicro Server Reseller
  • E-Discovery Litigation Services and Support

Telecommunications Specialization:

  • Experts in NMS and OSS systems design
  • Data Warehousing, and Data Mining
  • Statistical Data Collection and Analysis
  • Network Management via CMIP, SNMP
  • Performance Management and Optimization
  • AMA, CDR, and CIBER Billing Data Analysis
  • ACTA, AdvancedTCA, Platform integration
  • RESTful, web services design and integration
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